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a change of weather. the mild air still exists on the eastern seaboard after a beautiful sunday and a cold blast of air is coming down from the northern plains and sweeping across the country. ahead of this front, we have a large area of rain that went through chicago last night during that football game and continues to push through memphis and now eventually towards the nashville area. you can see a few lightning strikes here through central mississippi and just to the north of tuscaloosa, but for the most part it's a soak rain that will greet you this morning, heading into alabama and eventually into eastern portions of tennessee and eastern kentucky, too. the forecast today, we may get a little bit of snow on the backside in chicago this morning, but that will be about it. no real accumulations. the eastern seaboard, you remain dry and warm for one more day while we're still very cold back here from denver to montana. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. so again, as that front moves through areas like nashville, pretty much jus
moving along the eastern seaboard. right now this system producing severe weather. this system will be moving along the eastern seaboard. that means the east coast of the u.s. which was devastated by superstorm sandy will see another -- will see stormy conditions once again from tuesday night into your thursday. so further coastal erosion and coastal flooding are going to be a potential. and on top of that, again very cold air is blanketing much of the northeastern section of the continent. only 3 degrees in new york city. 2 in washington, d.c. and below freezing in toronto. temperatures will remain quite low. 9 degrees in washington. 8 degrees in new york city. and 4 in toronto. many people are still without electricity. so this is going to cause very critical situation. all right. moving into europe then. severe weather is happening across the baltic states. eastern europe as well as the balkan peninsula. and then on and off showers will continue across the southern half of the peninsula. temperatures looking like this. cooler than average in london. 8 degrees and same in ber
is dealing another blow to the stamp-battled eastern seaboard -- storm-battled eastern seaboard. you can see the heavy snow in this video. they will have more potential flooding and winds gusts with freezing rain and snow. of the hundreds of thousands of people who lost power during sandy and got them back, many have lost it again. >> we got our power last friday and it's back out again today. frustrating is a fair word. >> airlines have canceled at least 1300 flights in and out of the metropolitan area and the long island railroad has suspended all service. >> we have weather of our own coming this way to the bay area. today temperatures cooled off greatly. temperatures are sitting in the 50s through the bay area. 52 in santa rosa. as we look outside, we are seeing high clouds across the bay area now and offshore to the north the spotty cloud pattern here is associated with that low earner system to the north. -- pressure system to the north. we'll have more on that and time it out on future cast coming up. >> now that decision '12 is in the history books, americans are looking at what is a
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>>> up next on a second look, hurricane sandy ripped through the eastern seaboard but it's not the first time a major storm has torn up new york and new jersey. looking back at the hurricanes that have flooded streets, leveled homes and wiped out landmarks across the northeast. i'm julie haener, the past two weeks have seen some of the most severe storm damage ever to hit the eastern seaboard of the united states. hurricane sandy roared north from the caribbean and devastated major portions of new york and new jersey leaving millions without power. but it's not the first time severe weather has ripped across the northeast. in 1821 a hurricane hit new york city and the flooding was so severe that the east and hudson rivers merged. flooding lower manhattan up to canal street. another hurricane wiped away a resort island off the rocaway. dozens of hurricanes and tropical storms have created havoc across new york and new jersey. one of them was in 1992. here is faith banters report. >> reporter: in a city that has seen just about anything, most new yorkers have never seen any
, everyone. rain is moving through the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic up to new england. we will watch this light rain for your morning commute. it's not too hard, just a light showery-type rain. i don't expect a lot of airport problems. the big thing you will notice after the rain is done is how the temperatures are plummeting. 36 in boston. amazingly warm. look at what is on its way. 20 degrees colder in albany. the same thing is happening from pittsburgh to d.c. so temperatures will tumble on the chilly side. carry your jacket up in new england. as the rain moves out, this afternoon should be just fine. the rest of the country looks calm. i had my eye on the next possible rain and wind event for the eastern seaboard next week. >>> coming up, why rockefeller center is being besieged by tweens this morning. >> my fans. >> you're watching "first look." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios tend to weigh
across the board, across much of the eastern seaboard going through the weekend here. very chilly, very autumn like, and it does look like a taste of winter in some of these places as temperatures drop below the freezing mark. talking about a taste of winter. look at japan in towards hokkaido, you could be seeing about 25 centimeters of snow throughout the next 24 hours due to a storm system moving out of eastern china. it's not just this storm system that's bringing in messy weather across japan on friday. another one down here toward the south, coming out of southeastern china. that's going to be bringing widespread rain showers across the eastern seaboard and the pacific side of japan here, even some gusty winds with it and cooler temperatures. actually in tokyo on friday, the low is expected to go down to about 8 degrees. rather chilly. i know it's a holiday, but if you have any plans outside, you'll likely be wanting to move them inside. now, we do have high pressure ridging behind us, so good news is on saturday, going into sunday, fair weather will be ridging in from the west. bu
it looks possible for another coastal type storm wind event for the eastern seaboard. that's what we'll be watching in the days ahead. >>> all right, bill. thanks so much. >>> the sumpt s. is posed to be the biggest oil producer. new health warning for women. the donald has 400,000 signatures pushing macy's to drop donald trump. you're watching "early today." >>> well, stories making news this morning. new york's governor, andrew cuomo, wants $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after sandy. almost 60,000 customers are still without power on new york's long island, and all new jersey drivers can now buy gasoline today as odd/even rationing ends. >>> over the next decade u.s. oil output is expected to surpass saudi arabia according to the national energy agency. by 2020 the u.s. could be the largesoil producer in the world. >>> kevin clash, the voice on elmo on sesame street, is taking a leave of absence after allegations surfaced of a relationship with an underage male, but clash admits to the relationship saying that it was between two consenting adults. >>> the word of the year in
-quarters in culpeper. the cold front affecting all of the eastern seaboard. quite a few airport delays, philadelphia, longoria and jfk. partly cloudy skies and 48 by 3:46. morris sunshine. from the belfort furniture weather center, was head back to news. >> and the much anticipated i- 495 express plans, the fortune mile project from springfield to mclean has been heralded as a key project in the fight against gridlock jummy olabanji is in tysons were a celebration of sorts is under way. >> well, what is a celebration out here about i-495 express lanes, a lot of people excited for these. and a lot of those folks are very excited about the opening of these express lanes. inside are several local and state officials includingsed the crowd. behind us you see the extension for the silver line to metro. this is also part of this camera of gridlock process around the state, especially in northern virginia. this saturday is when the lanes will officially open up as mentioned. four new lands, 14 miles on the vault with from springfield to tyson's corner. the lens will allow the beltway to offer hov connectio
a good deal of sunshine. even on the eastern seaboard after a mix of sun and clouds we'll try to get you into the 50s. looking good heading into the weekend. here's a look at the weather outside your window. well, today's forecast, you can pretty much just write this down and take it all the way through saturday and sunday. most areas of the country are not going to see a change in the weather pattern all the way probably through the beginning of next week. so if you like the weather yesterday, you'll like it today and probably through the weekend. >> did someone script that for you, bill? >> they did. it took a while. hours. >> i bet so. thank you. >>> coming up, the justice department brings down the hammer on bp over the gulf oil spill, plus 15 days after the storm, president obama returns to survey the damage and to lend some much needed emotional support. >>> you're watching "early today." support. you're watching "early today." >>> well, here are some of the stories making news this morning. bp has agreed to pay a record criminal penalty of $4.5 billion to the u.s. government in a
, the big travel day up and down the eastern seaboard. much, much easier for travel. today, nothing to complain about, sun giving way to clouds later this afternoon. on the cool side. a nice day to be outside. all important seven-day forecast. quiet weather. no big storms on the horizon. nothing coming our way. about number big ones across the bulk of the u.s. that is good for travel. plenty of clouds. not a lot of sunshine. sunshine challenges. start to see sunshine on wednesday. turkey day, a big 60 with sunshine. perfect weather, have your first turkey dinner around noontime. go walk around the block. second, around 4:00, 4:30. and then turkey sandwiches. thanksgiving only comes once a year and that turkey that thing does not need to see friday morning. >> got to start fasting now. plenty of room. >>> thanks, chuck. and we often hear about kids being bullied at school. what about being pushed around at the work police? state lawmakers are looking at ways to protect adults who are targeted at the office. >> everybody hears about children being bullied at school. little bullies gro
along the eastern seaboard as the storm goes north. new jersey and delaware, there is even a winter weathered wiser for the northeastern corner of our states. perhaps an accumulation of snow, cold air services and maybe some tree branches, parts of the eastern shore. an inch or so is all we would expect. the weather system is still holding onto the winter was hurt advisory. here in baltimore, 32-44 the overnight low. the storm makes its way up toward the coast of new england tomorrow. some snow in the mountains. the skies will begin to clear and once we get the sunshine in, that will start a warming trend through tomorrow afternoon and into friday, saturday, and sunday. i pressure builds in. temperatures will respond above normal going into the veterans day weekend. 51-56 degrees tomorrow. a breezy day. strong enough for a small craft advisory. western maryland, even less impact. a clearing trend into friday and a warming trend. we will start to get up to 50 into the weekend. breezy on the eastern shore of the temperatures into the 50's. a lot of sunshine friday into the weekend. in
of the effects, but the farther east to go, the more you will notice the system coming up along the eastern seaboard. the clouds are swirling air over georgia and down toward north florida. right now we are just under the high, thin cloud cover. precipitation will move in during the day tomorrow. was a chilly election day. the average is 60 and we only had 45. the morning low was 20. a hard freeze in many areas and it never got much above freezing in some areas. a very cold weather pattern out there. tonight, not as cold as last night, but chillier than you would expect for this time of year. winds out of the north and northeast at 5-50 miles an hour. the storm we are tracking is just now organizing. -- at 5-15 miles an hour. high pressure to the north is applying some cold air. out west they are enjoying a really warm weather pattern. unusually warm weather there, while we are locked into the cold. the jet stream will help energize the storm as it moves up off the mid-atlantic coast during the day tomorrow. east of ocean city tomorrow morning, and then moving up toward long island and sout
sandy blooms on the eastern seaboard. liz: day do not sell hardware. they sell pretty stuff. [laughter] lasalle whole crew knows, the devastation from hurricane zandi -- sandy is felt that these coast with the energy side then the human side. we have lived team coverage 40 miles from and had an atom we will start with you. >> behind me receive the national guard and passing a water but also red cross now showing up but the field of dreams foundation and they showed up early on their own volunteers bringing food and clothing. diapers, betting common medications, food if you can cook or pizzas if you cannot. people are coming out with converters for govett is what is going on in staten island. those who are still waiting for the sanitation trucks they are furious the new york city marathon will be run. and assemblywoman says the governor should take the lead and another one said the mayor should get his stuff together. they're waiting for assistance. liz: is that the translation and you got? i ran the marathon. it paralyzes the city. we do not need that. this is mike commentary. list mcd
and a half million people are without power in 15 states on the eastern seaboard because of sandy. john fowler is here now with the devastating toll and the promises of help. >> in the last few minutes the unofficial death toll rose to 66, thousands homeless, new jersey's governor today praised working with the president on disaster relief. the president toured the devastated new jersey coast late today. he declared new jersey and new york federal disaster areas. >> we are here for you and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help you need. >> reporter: these pictures in from the connecticut coast, two dead here and hundreds of smashed homes. >> these houses are just absolutely devastated . >> reporter: the thousand mile wide storm america's biggest ever left tens of thousands essentially homeless. national guard troops still rescuing the displaced. >> telling us two days before power here and i lot of the first floor. >> reporter: surreal scenes in new york stanton island a boat washed onto a street. in manhattan flooded underpasses looking like s
nightmare for millions of people across the eastern seaboard and especially in new york and new jersey. the devastation across the jersey shore is staggering. in some areas homeowners are only now being allowed to inspect the ruins of what had been their homes to try and salvage what they can. in hoboken across the hudson river from new york city, families trapped by sandy even today, are being rescued by units of the national guard. in new york, tens of thousands of commuters lined up for buses as most subway tunnels remain flooded. federal officials have already brought in a million meals and other emergency supplies to the city and more will be needed. the totals across the country in sandy's wake, at least 93 dead including 38 in new york city and 12 in new jersey. some 4.5 million homes and businesses without power. an enormous number but one that is better than it had been. an estimated $50 billion in storm-related losses, a number that keeps rising. on the campaign trail, mitt romney encountered a heckler wh
up the eastern seaboard. it's going to be off the coast. it looks like the effects will still be felt, especially the coastal areas. it's goings to be like a mini nor'easter storm. some periods of rain. could get battering waves. if there's a storm around, they can't really prepare the power lines and do their preparations they need to be doing. as far as the west's forecast goes today, pretty quiet. there may be a few scattered showers. temperatures are typical for this time of year. looking pretty nice in arizona. that's a look at your managing to remain in the 80s. spokan spokane, 54, a little cool. >>> weekend forecast coming up. not too bad. >>> this weekend marks the final stretch of a very long campaign. >> and after all that we've been through together, we sure as heck can't give up now. >> i want you to know i'm confident about the future. i'm optimistic. >> the frenetic race to election day less than 96 hours away. a must-see joe biden top ten list. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: brought to you by the makers of centrum men and women. have you taken the most com
be ruled out. it's going to be moving along the eastern seaboard from tuesday evening into your thursday. that means the east coast where hurricane sandy devastated will be seeing another round of stormy conditions ahead of the middle part of the week. rain will start in atlanta on tuesday and washington, d.c. and new york city will see rain showers on your wednesday and even snow showers are possible overnight wednesday and thursday. on tuesday when the presidential election will be taking place sunny weather will prevail with low temperatures here and sunny weather also continue in los angeles getting up to 29 degrees on tuesday. finally let's go over to europe. severe weather in the baltic states. it will be moving ai away toward the northeast. showers will remain. any slight amount of rain could trigger further flooding as well as land slides and a big storm system is moving in from the north. that's going to affect central europe as well add much of t scandanavian peninsula. very warm in athens getting up to 27. here is the extended forecast. >>> our top story this hour, finance lea
pressure system over the atlantic. it will ride parallel to the eastern seaboard into thursday and storm surge is going to be a main concern because hurricane sandy devastated the coastal areas and further coastal erosion and a beach erosion highly likely. rain will be confined to the coastal areas including washington, d.c. and new york city. these locations will start to see rain on wednesday and new england states will see rain from your wednesday afternoon because frigid air is blanketing parts of the eastern half of the u.s. and rain may change over to snow in areas like new york city, massachusetts, and southern quebec into your thursday. out towards the west then we have another low pressure system which is weakening over the western great lakes region and that is producing rain and snow and the system will weaken and move towards the southeast so chicago will turn dry as we head into wednesday. back behind another storm system is moving into british columbia in the pacific northwest bringing coastal rain and heavy mountain snow and they will see an additional 20 centimeters of sn
the eastern seaboard. they're in the 60s this morning in dallas. it's almost like a summer morning. some of that will work east. everyone else, it's another day to bundle yourself up. even north florida is in the low 40s this morning. as far as the big storm out west, mostly the worst of it will be in the northern rockies. blizzard warnings for areas of montana. tons of snow out here with lots of strong, gusty winds. the white is the snow already falling. some rain mixing at the higher elevations with the snow. almost the entire state of montana is covered with a good snowfall. the forecast for today, after a cold start, a nice afternoon in the southeast. new england, slow improvement. we will see late day rain in minneapolis. the rest of the country looks okay. through the weekend, that storm heads into the heartland. >> all right. we'll check back in a little bit. >>> peyton's potential pizza payday. headlines are next. >>> plus, the company that vows to hire 100,000 veterans. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. wanna see me get some great deals? it's a new way to get cash back deal
cities on the eastern seaboard. as far as the front, i mentioned. it's easy to draw on the map. it swept through chicago. that football game was a mess. now, the rainy weather will sweep into ohio. all of kentucky, west virginia and towards atlanta. behind it, the colder, drier air. but at least you're going to be sunny in oklahoma city and all the way through dallas and ft. worth. the only real cold, chilly area won't see the sunshine will be up here in minnesota and wisconsin. you'll be dodging snow flurries. let me take you on a tour. mississippi, new orleans, is about to rain if it hasn't already. and nashville, same for you. ohio, kentucky, detroit, all of michigan. you have a light rain out there this morning. in some areas, a cold, chilly rain. the way your forecast looks for today, no problem whatsoever. atlanta, late in the day. a little bit of rain. snow flurries today, veronica, around chicago. again, they're not used to this time of year. it's almost middle of november. >> you're right. christmas is right around the corner. >> thanks. >>> coming up, a british woman is divorci
. >> thanks, jackie. 4:30 now. millions of people along the eastern seaboard still without power after super storm sandy. >> a small percentage of them in the area. pepco, literally a couple dozen. they hope to get everybody back online tonight. b.g.e. about 6300 outages in maryland this morning. >> we are seeing small signs of progress in new york and new jersey but still so much work ahead. >> the nation's largest public transit system will begin rolling again this morning, but with limited service. some tunnels and stations remain flood and power is still out in much of downtown. but the lights began to turn back on in some areas near wall street. still, subways won't run yet through the city's financial district. mayor bloomberg announced only vehicles with three or more occupants will be allowed to enter manhattan between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. snuge struggling to recover. -- new jersey is struggling to recover. they are working to clear streets clogged by sand and debris. gas leaks and the aparent shortage of gas crews to help shut down
on the eastern seaboard, enjoy this. this is one of the warmest days for a while. sun sunny, light breeze, temperature is in the 30s and 40s up and down i-95. look at the surge of warm air. midwest, rec highs. at 41 to start your morning. you will get a big chill. where's the cold air? up here in canada. it's been bottled up and been a while since it made a run at us. and then you have blue in the south. and where the cold air is. notice the great lakes, if you're going out black friday shopping, very cold and sweeps to the new england area saturday and sunday. be prepared. we have another shot middle of next week. it won't be brutally cold but will be chilly. forecast looks great and macy's parade forecast looks great. not many concerns across the country. enjoy a very beautiful thanksgiving. >> looking forward to that. thanks. >>> did a crucial piece of evidence in the murder trial get overlooked? and more on david petraeus. you're watching first look on nbc. hurry in this friday for great deals. like the droid razr by motorola in cranberry, free. or a white 7-inch samsung galaxy tab 2,
widespread rain showers across the eastern seaboard of the pacific side of japan here. even gusty winds with it and cooler temperatures. in tokyo on friday, the low is expected to be around eight degrees. chilly. i know it's a holiday, but it looks like you'll need the umbrella nearby. if you have plans outside, you'll want to move them inside. we have high pressure ridging in behind us. good news on saturday into sunday. fair weather is going to be ridging in from the west. this is already bringing dry weather across portions of china here. even temperatures are dropping do down. the high here, minus eight. beijing at seven. as we look toward the south, 12 and 11 in china. south of the front things warm up. the tropics, in the 30s. in tokyo, 11 for the high is what it's going to look like to start off your weekend. now let's look toward europe. the same weather pattern has been in place here. one system after another moving across the northwest into the scandinavian peninsula. the british isles, you have been continuing to see heavy rain showers. actually high wind and heavy rain warni
the u.s. eastern seaboard. >> coming up, thousands of factory workers in bangladesh are protesting against poor and potentially lethal working conditions. >> first, a look at some other headlines this hour. poachers in the spanish region of catalonia have been dealt a setback. this all the convergence and union alliance losing seats. the nationalist party did win a majority overall. >> the israeli defense minister is planning to retire from politics. he says he will quit his post once the new government is formed after the elections in january. many political observers are expecting him to change political parties. >> israel has taken a step towards expanding its missile defense. existing systems down. hundreds of hamas rockets during the recent violence and now they have successfully tested a new weapon against medium-range domiciles. israel hopes will be ready by 2014. -- medium-range missiles. thousands of angry workers in bangladesh have been protesting after ianother fire after the worst ever factory blaze. >> eclipsed the focus on note the working conditions. have forced the
first. you'll be expecting storm surge tuesday into wednesday. anybody along the eastern seaboard here, you want to be watching this closely as it continues to develop and pushes off there towards the west. let's take a look at the americas because also a storm system moving onshore into the pacific northwest. this is bringing some very gusty winds. actually up to about 100 kilometers per hour right near the shorelines here. you see all these lines very close together. that's also streaming heavy moisture onshore. about over the next several days 250 millimeters of rain falling here in northern california. flooding is already occurring, and as this moisture continues to come in, looks like that is going to be continuing to pick up. so very dangerous situation here. but also very messy picture across much of the region and some of the mountain passes here into the rockies, you could be seeing up to a 157 centimeters of snowfall accumulating here over the next three days. so great for skiers. if you do that, you're going to be very happy with the snowfall. but if you're planning on travl
half of the country that brought all the cold air down the eastern seaboard. that is going to be kicking back in the next few days. the response will be the building high pressure across the country. that means the warmer air surging through texas and kansas will eventually begin to move all the way across the country. 60s this morning in dallas, 30s in minneapolis, many areas of the east coast are in the 30s and 40s. as the weekend goes through the warm air will move across the nation. some of the worst weather will be found in montana, north dakota. snow is flying. blizzard warnings for the northeast sections. great falls has snow. rain around pocatella. that will be the trouble spot. northern rockies, trouble area, six to 12 inches widespread. up along the ka nad yan border, significant snow too. cold start for the eastern half of the country should be a nice warmer finish and the weekend looks even better. here's a look at the weather outside your window. sunshine in philadelphia, 53 degrees today. still a relatively cold day for this time of year. you should be getting
in this blood drive is planned at a great time. so many, not only in maryland but up and down the eastern seaboard were canceled because of superstorm sandy. so it's really important if you have some time to come out here and donate blood. we're live at perry hall. >>> today was a big day for both the johns hopkins kimmels center and the foundation. they handed over a check in the amount of $200,000. it as for research on two gene mutations that have been found in some children with acute my low leukemia also known as aml. >> as long as you stay inspired and driven to do what you do, as long as you continue to do the brilliant work -- >> the foundation has also hosted four head shaving events this year, shaving more than 280 heads and raising over $10,000. >>> now more on the david petraeus affair. the department is investigating general john allen, the top american commander in afghanistan for what they're calling potentially inappropriate emails. those emails were with jill kelley, the petraeus family friend who tipped off the fbi about emails she was receiving which was traced back to
? >> absolutely right. our mild air now is being forced up the eastern seaboard by the big push of the cold air going south from canada into the middle of the country. yesterday lincoln, nebraska, 78 degrees. they were below freezing by this morning. they fell 51 degrees in 12 hours out across eastern nebraska yesterday, and we have a dramatic change in the temperatures coming right here to washington as well. it just won't be quite that dramatic. it will not be a 51-degree drop around here. wow, what a day outside today. veterans day in the nation's capital and everybody was able to go out and take 100% full advantage of it tossing footballs, hitting golf balls, watching the ducks just swim around in the pond. what a great day to be outside today. i hope you took full advantage of it because unfortunately it is not going to last all that much longer. so there it is. there's the money shot of the washington monument on a veterans day. 25 years ago today we had 11 1/2 inches of snow on november the 11th. so quite a turnaround for today. 71 our high temperature. today was the mildest day in the l
degrees. 1879. look at the high temperatures recorded today. up and down the eastern seaboard. 20's, upper midwest. those were highs today. big changes with gusty winds as the front moves through. we will get past the shower activity by midday tomorrow. in the cold air sums -- comes in. 34 at oakland where the wind shift has already occurred. rain will miss the snow in the mountains tonight. rain in the morning. all of sunshine for the last few hours in the afternoon to mark. skies will be very sunny and clear for wednesday. an inch or two possible and the garrett county. once the showers move out, the big area of high pressure covers much of the middle of the country. that will be with us through the middle of the week. thursday, keep an eye to the south. low pressure try to form on the carolina coast. could bring some clouds or showers to the east of us. was this fund tonight goes through,: drive. 45-50 overnight. temperatures barely budged. low 50's for highs smart. temperatures may even fall the bid. it small craft advisory to offer gusts to 25 knots. a couple snow showers in the mount
coast. pretty clear up and down the eastern seaboard although a little patchy fog developing. watch out for that in the outlaying areas. 52 at reagan, 50 dulles 45 gaithersburg and 54 martinsburg. yesterday we got up to 71. the average is 59. keep that in mind when you see the seven-day forecast. we will have nice wind out of the south this afternoon. as the cold front approaches the clouds will increase. there could be a sprinkle this afternoon but the main event is overnight tonight when the front moves through with scattered rain showers. tomorrow we will see rain in the morning hours but we will clear out by the afternoon. here is the forecast today. patchy fog this morning giving way to increasing clouds. high 65 to 70. check out my facebook page if you will and you can follow me on twitter. i had like to hear from you. if you have a special forecast request request, thanksgiving is coming up. i might give you a gift. let's check the traffic. >> we will look at 395. there was a report of an accident on 395 southbound before duke street. no delays right now in th
the coast and make a run up the eastern seaboard. if it stays close enough, the precipitation and nasty weather will make its way back to baltimore. that will end up around southern new england. either way, it looks like the areas that felt sandy will feel this again but will be nearly as strong. it will be associated with a moderate to strong nor'easter. it has to get them all a little nervous even though this will not be nearly as strong as sandy. >> i think the main issue is that the ground is so saturated. even if we don't get a lot of precipitation, if we get a good wind gusts, that could not down a couple of trees and make a lot of problems. >> it is a possible situation of here we go again. a week after the super storm hits the northeast with a fury, and number of the most popular weather models show a nor'easter headed for the same area. while damage was relatively minor, there is concern about more flooding on the eastern shore and snow in the mountains. that means more hard work. >> we are restocking where we need to. >> bge has started to get things moving after sandy blew th
in arkansas will turn down into the gulf, and then, along the eastern seaboard. it is taking the long route, down to florida and along the carolina coast. expect it to be just to our east on wednesday. the question is, how close to the coast will it be? it could run out to sea and miss us altogether. that is still a possibility on wednesday. it looks like most of the strongest impact will be around ocean city. no problems with election day. temperatures will be chilly. on the bay, the wind will start out like, and gradually increase. in the afternoon hours, one to 2 foot waves. the storm on the cost will be further away. you get some sunshine on wednesday before some flurries in the afternoon and evening, but only a 20% chance. closer to the coast, closer to the storm, and precipitation chances go up to 60%. there could be what's know as well. gusts to 55 mph, right on the beach, with the storm moving off the coast on wednesday. you will see the storm coming of the killer -- the carolina outer banks tomorrow night, throwing the moisture back into the cold air, where it could mix into snow i
, john. all along the eastern seaboard, the weekend has been devoted to pick up the pieces after super storm sandy. volunteers hit the beaches to remove deb ric -- debris left by sandy. new jersey governor chris christie toured the area. and progress is being made in new york city as 80% of the subway lines are back up and running. schools not damaged by the storm are expected to open on monday. however, with 9,000 customers in the metro area still in the dark, and long lines continue to plague customers at gas stations. and resources that would have been devoted to the new york city marathon will now be diverted to the public. and anheuser-busch is converting its plant in cartersville, georgia, to can water by the six pack, shipping it to the red cross, where it will be distributed where it's needed most. locally, bge has sent crews to help in the area as well. still ahead, baltimore city police have a pair of deadly shootings on their hands tonight. and home coming takes on a whole new meaning to the team whole new meaning to the team as they dedicate ♪ in everything you do [ femal
to the eastern seaboard. we look back at the impact of hurricane sandy. >> i don't know what's going on. >> nobody was ready for this. this has never happened before, ever. >> i had an incredible view of the waves crashing over everything, was so enamored by . >> india to conduct clinical trials how poor indians are being used as human guinea pigs. >> please don't do these trials on poor people. rich people can overcome these, but the whole family suffers. >> it's the technology that's set to transform the manufacturing industry. press control p and get lots of print on paper, but the pen, too. >> i think eventually it will completely transform the way products are made. >> hello. new york, the city that never sleeps. a good reason to stay awake. superstorm seaped shut down the subway system and stock exchange and the presidential election campaigning. it has been a shock to a country built on a belief in man's destiny to create a better world, but there are limits. mark was in the united states to see the devastation firsthand. >> welcome to hoboken, a poor city on the new jersey side
of manhattan by mid night but more than 3 million people along the eastern seaboard are still in the dark. in maryland we learned of a third death from the storm today after a man died shoveling snow in the western part of the state. >>> back in new york mayor bloomberg announced work to secure that crane dangling above the 57th street is expected to begin tomorrow. the goal is to make the area secure enough so people can return by monday. in the last hour mayor bloomberg announced that the new york city marathon is canceled. the decision comes after residents, particularly those hit hard on staten island, had reaction like this. >> we are far from fine and the fact that the mayor wants to have a marathon this weekend when we have people who are like lost their entire house, it's unbelievable. >> organizers said they weren't sure how runners would get to the starting line. even though limited ferry service had resumed. the owner of at least one hotel on staten island said he will not be honoring runners reservations if it means having to kick people who lost their homes out of their rooms
and businesses wow pouter up and down the eastern seaboard. down from a peak of 8.5 million. most outages in new york metro area. tomorrow, janet napolitano will join fema in staten island, new york, for a first-hand look of the damage there. transportation secretary ray lahood will go to new jersey to help with the recovery effort there. >>> almost everyone back to school and work in our area. still one delay. pendleton county schools on a two-hour delay this morning. the county had to deal with days of power outages following the storm. good morning, welcome to news 4 today. >> and it is friday, november 2, 2012. a live look out over the nation's capital this morning. 44 degrees outside our studios, we're in for a chilly stretch of weather. >> tom kieran with more on the forecast. >> this is what sandy is doing. drawing cold air down from canada bringing in this unusual chill for early november. it does feel more like a winter morning. you will need your winter coat. the little specks of again, getting a few scattered sprinkles, not as widespread as they were yesterday. out over the panhandle
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